DSO Advisory Services

Overview of the Dental Group Practice/DSO Market

  • What value creation is necessary to get a premium value for your dental group

  • Current trends

Patient, Provider, and Team Member Alignment

  • How to implement incentive plans to motivate/retain team members

  • How can equity play a role in recruitment/retainment

EBITDA and Value Creation

  • What does a 10x valuation actually mean in terms of cash returns?

Roadmap, projections, budget creation and implementation

  • Projections and budget creation

  • Cash flow forecasting 

What does “managing by metrics” mean?

  • KPIs to track

  • How to coach up DDS/RDH based on KPIs

Exit planning considerations

  • Create executable timeline and roadmap

  • Reaching financial independence

Creation of the Confidential Investment Memorandum (CIM) and marketing to institutional investors (private-equity funds, family funds, etc)

  • Helping ensure high probability of a strong “second bite of the apple”